Windmill Point
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"Drybrook" - The Truman Handy Newberry Residence - circa 1914
house a perfectly plain panel of beautifully kept lawn. To make still more close the connection between this outdoor room and the house itself a balustrade is carried across the two ends, completing the architectural rectangle.

The graceful curve of the driveway, shown on the plan of the whole plot, has been developed in possibly the only form that would swing around the great trees already on the place with a perfectly natural freedom and the avoidance of cramped areas or curves. The service court is located so that the full extent of the single driveway does not have to be used by tradesmen, and it is well screened from the main driveway by heavy masses of hemlock, small deciduous trees, and high shrubs.

This driveway being established, the garden development naturally found itself extending along the southern border to the west of the music court. There is a main allee leading from the music court through a fairly dense wood of large elms and maples. Under these it was only natural to add rhododendrons, azaleas, hemlocks, and white dogwood, giving a thoroughly protected, close-in effect which is somewhat rare in the Grosse Pointe section. At the end of this allee is a comparatively small formal garden, surrounded by a high lilac hedge and planted with a few dependable varieties of perennials. Straight on through this old-fashioned flower garden leads the central path, branching just beyond into the informal narrow paths of a tree-shaded garden planted with alpines and wild flowers, low-growing shrubs, shade-loving herbaceous plants, and ferns. >