Windmill Point
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Windmill Point 1838

The Legends of Grosse Pointe
A legend is a story that is handed down from earlier times. Legends are often based on fact, but they are also often not completely true. It is left to the reader to decide between fact and fiction .......

Imagine that it is the late 1700's, when our Stars and Stripes first waved, and you lived on the banks of the beautiful Lake St. Clair, at Grosse Pointe, Michigan. One Fall evening an old French storyteller, Jean Maire Tetit, invited you and the other habitants to gather at his cabin by the shore to tell you the local legends that he had learned as a child.

When the shadows had lengthened into twilight and the church bell rang the evening hour, the fascinated listeners would slowly travel back to an earlier time. Perhaps it was the soft beauty of the scene, lit up by the hazy, luminous atmosphere of the Indian summer which gave a more brilliant color to the glowing forest trees. A rosy tint to the peaceful waters of the lake, which lent its seductive charm to Jean Marie's imagination. Quietly taking a few whiffs from his beloved pipe and in the midst of that hushed silence, he would relate the wonderful stories of old Grosse Pointe....

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