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Puttin on The Glitz - Detroit's Auto Barons This special exhibit features the rich and famous of Grosse Pointe's own auto baron families and their classic yachts, gracious homes and elegant lifestyles. Made possible by the MotorCities National Heritage Area Click to View
A Tour of Lake Shore circa 1886 View a slideshow tour of the early summer cottages of Detroit's wealthly industrialists well before the arrival of the automobile. Click to View
Tour of Grosse Pointe Residences This slideshow featrues pictures of notable houses and buildings of Grosse Pointe, past and present. Click to View
"Ridgemont" View of slideshow of the David C. Whitney Estate, a 1902 Colonial Revival by Walter MacFarlane on Lake Shore Road. Click to View
"Suemar" View of slideshow of the David C. Whitney yacht. Click to View
"Drybrook" Article on the lake shore estate of Mr. Truman H. Newberry "Best 12 country houses in America." Newberry was a former Secretary of the Navy, and son of lumber baron, John S. Newberry. Click to View
"The Village" View a slideshow of vintage photos of "The Village", one of Grosse Pointe's shopping districts. Click to View

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